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 Post subject: Redemption of the fallen
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:03 am 
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For no greater reason then i thought the singed page had a neat storyline. i decided that it would be fun to try and re-construct the story. this is from the world of warcraft book "redemption of the fallen" from karazan. you can't actully read the story until you consume the book for a buff, but there is one page left.

Redemption of the fallen

Katreyn ran through the forest as fast as she could, regret nipping away at her with every step. It wasn’t that she wanted to hurt the woman that she left behind. May was just an innocent victim in all this much like her daughter. It could have been worse right? She could have killed May but she didn’t need to.

“I’ll come back for her in a few days. I just need her out of the way so Scott thinks she left him.” Katryen thought. She had been planning this out for awhile now, preparing everything she would need and hoping for the best because she owed her daughter that much. She returned to her empty house before she could change her mind.

The next day Katryen kept her eye on her neighbour’s house through a spyglass. By now she thought that he would have noticed his wife was missing and with a little luck he would figure it was because of his crime. She waited until mid day and watched, until he loaded up his wagon and reluctantly headed into town. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for, he would be gone most of the night. It was a long trip into town.

Katryen waited until nightfall, then she crept towards the empty house and set fire to it using a spell she had gotten from the old hag in the forest. This time there was no guilt, he had taken everything away from her and now she was going to do the same thing to him. Quietly she cut across the fields and returned to her own home to sleep peacefully.

When she woke up the next morning Katryen pretended to have seen the smouldering ruins of the Price farmstead. She approached cautiously, forcing her anger at the man deep within. Scott Price had no idea how much she hated him, he thought that he had her fooled and she didn’t believe his involvement in what happened to her daughter. When she approached she found Scott crying, he wouldn’t even speak at first.

“what happened?” she asked him. She had to repeat the question a couple times, loathing herself for having to pretend that she was a caring neighbour.

“They are gone.” He cried.

“Who is?” She asked.

“My children… Peter…Lucy…the fire took them.”

“His kids were home?” she thought stunned into silence. But she saw him load them into his wagon. How could they have been home. For several minutes she didn’t say anything but the more she thought about it, the more twisted she became.

“Now he knows how I feel, his children are gone.” She thought becoming pleased with the idea. The hole in her soul got larger, she didn’t even regret that she had killed them.

It wasn’t for another three days that Katryen saw Scott again. She avoided the grieving farmer to prepare for what was next. It would be her final act, then if May was still alive she could go retrieve the woman. Around midday Katryen walked back to Scott’s farm. She carried a large bag across her shoulder that concealed one of her special surprises for Scott. She found him in a small tent he set up near the remains of his home. He had nowhere else to stay now while he rebuilt his house.

“Scott, may I have a word with you?” she asked. He put down his tools and invited her into his tent. The moment his back was turned she used another of the spells that she had gained from that old hag. It instantly paralyzed him.

“You thought I had forgotten.” She accused. She knew that the spell wouldn’t last long so she took her surprise out of the bag. It was a harvesting scythe covered in blood.

“Recognise your tool?” she demanded. But of course he could not respond yet. However she didn’t want him to get away. He was to suffer for his crimes beyond imagine. So she cut into his legs and waited for the spell to wear off.

“I didn’t do anything… I thought you believed me.” Scott begged.
“Please stop this madness.”

“She was found without dress or life. On your land, and I found your scythe. I know you did it.” Katryen yelled at him. She struck him with the stick end.

“You have always been a good neighbour. How can you do this.” He asked. This went on for awhile with him begging for his life, while she ignored everything that he said. She soaked up his pain, relishing every moment of it so her daughter could rest in peace. But all things must come to an end and so did Scott’s life.

That night Katryen returned to her home and started packing. She would have to leave town tonight and never return. It would only be a few days before the nearby town discovered what happened to Scott and she would be caught.

Her heart leapt into her throat when she heard the gentle knocking on her door, could they have found him already? Nervously she answered the door to find a stranger wearing dark robes.

“Might I come in?” he asked

“I would rather you didn’t.” she replied cautiously.

“Understandable, after what you did today.” He said sharply.
“But I didn’t come to turn you in. I think I can help you.”

“Help me?” she asked. If he knew what she did, then it wouldn’t do any good to run.

“If you trust in me I can cleanse your spirit, and give you your life back.” The stranger offered. He told her that otherwise she would never stop running, but she knew that, already. She had resigned herself to living as a pariah after bartering her soul away in bits and pieces. Vengeance had been worth it, or so she thought.

Yet here was a chance to regain her humanity and all the stranger asked for in exchange was her trust.

"I'll do it," said Katreyn. "I have nothing to lose." She let him inside the house and the stranger introduced himself as Teloth, a priest of sorts.

“You don’t have to leave, I took care of it.” He promised her.

“You took care of it?” she asked, but he wouldn’t answer her question.

“I will need to stay a couple days. There is a ritual I can perform that will cleanse the blood from your spirit. But we can’t perform it until tomorrow night.” Teloth told her.

“Why can’t we?” she asked. He chuckled softly at her impatience.

“It can’t be preformed unless the white lady is beginning her journey into the night sky.” He explained.
“But no more questions. I arrived late, and you will need your strength tomorrow.” He pushed for them to retire for the night.

The next day the two of them spent preparing for that evenings ritual. He prepared a symbol on the living room floor while she reflected on her quest for vengeance. But all morning she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling in the back of her mind that something was wrong. The symbol he was drawing looked almost demonic and vaguely familiar, it was like she had seen something similar to it before.

Then as the sun set and the larger of the Azeroth moons started to rise, she realised where she had seen the symbol before. It wasn’t exact, in fact this one was highly modified but there had been something like it in the forest hags hutt.

“It was on a book that evil hag had. It can’t be a god sign.” She realised. She gets a knife from the kitchen and confronts Teloth.

“You aren’t a priest are you? What is that symbol?” she demands. He took one look at the knife and shook his head.

“So little trust, and you promised to.”

“But if you would rather have it this way. It’s too late to save yourself. I need the sacrifice of an innocent covered in the blood of others. “

“I was a fool… how could I have possibly believed salvation could come so cheaply.”” She thought biting her lip. There had to be a way out of this, but the moon was rising and the ritual only had a few minor parts left.

“You were so easy to twist into committing murder too. All I had to do was kill one girl with that farmer’s tool’s.” Teloth laughed at her. His words sunk in and she knew that she had been manipulated like a puppet. She had destroyed an innocent man’s life, killed him and his family for nothing. The one that killed her daughter was standing in front of her. Without thinking she lunged at him, stabbing him in the chest with the knife. But he still had the power to push her back with a spell. she felt something crack in her arm in the impact with the wall.

“It’s too late for you to escape. When your blood touches the symbol I will become more powerful.” Teloth said through clenched teeth. He was losing blood, but it didn’t seem like it was enough to slow him down.

Katryen struggled back to her feet with the help of her work table. Teloth had the knife now but it didn’t look like he could move far with his wounds.

“I can’t let him escape, but he can still kill me with magic.” She thought.
“This has to end here, for both of us.” She decided. Using her good arm she gripped the oil lantern on the table and threw it at the ground between them. The oil was quickly ignited by the lanterns own flame and the fire spread fast. She lunged at him again, intending only to prevent his escape so they would both be cleansed by the hungry fire.

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