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 Post subject: More secret children! diarys
PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:48 pm 
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I figured that some people might be intrested in seeing this. it was just a writers resource that i made for the secert children series to help me better understand the characters. it was just a diary entry for all of the girls to explain what life in the castle is like.

The title that might describe my role in the castle the best might be security. However even that isn’t quite accurate. I made sure that the castle’s operation was smooth, that the rules were obeyed and was responsible for solving arguments that arose. I spent most of my days observing the other girls, occasionally taking a look around the castle for oddities. Much of my time was spent looking for the others and checking in on what they were doing. It wasn’t always like that however, in the beginning I was primarily responsible for taking care of the other girls, and being the oldest one I had more education that I needed to share with them. Some extra materials had been provided for me to learn for myself late at night. As marigold, Sapphire, Emerald and Holly got old enough to help me, Marigold also became old enough to become more aggressive and I was forced to re-focus my efforts to maintaining the order of the castle. The job is not always easy, and got harder as time passed. I realized, and had to deal with the idea that the other girls didn’t always understand why I had to be so strict, most of the time they hated me.

I didn’t really mind the castle. I mean I knew that we could never leave and everything. But it was a large place, and it had so many secrets just waiting to be uncovered. That was always the fun part for me, looking to see what the castle was hiding. But I had to stay ahead of Diamond or I would get in trouble. Spending the night in the dungeon was never fun. Of course that’s not the only thing that I spent my days doing, I tried to help Holly and Sapphire out sometimes and I spent a lot of time with Sakura. She always had a knack for helping me see different perspectives. It was because of her that I could understand Diamond’s position. That didn’t make us get along any better, she disliked me because I could never sit still. She could never understand that I wasn’t trying to cause problems, I wasn’t even trying to leave the castle. When I really think back though, the only person I didn’t like was Marigold. She was always so miserable and took it out on the others.

Almost from the very beginning I tried to keep the castle clean. It started when I was young and we were taken. In the early years Diamond had to teach us a lot of things, I came to the castle with no education. Like many of the other girls I didn’t have a family like Lily did, from my earliest memory I was working and when we came to the castle I could do nothing less then that. After Diamonds lessons if I allowed myself to have free time, I felt like someone was going to hurt me. In time that faded but I would still feel restless without something to keep myself busy with. It would be silly to say that cleaning was the only thing that I did. Every night I would sit to listen to Violets story or song, and before she got too old I liked looking after Sakura and her sister. But it would be hard to say that I had any real hobbies. If I wasn’t cleaning then I was usually sitting and having a little talk with Emerald, Rose or Sakura. I could relax, and rest just like everyone else. But I just preferred to keep active whenever possible and keeping the castle clean was the most satisfying way to do it.

I was only five when I first came to the castle, too young to remember anything about before. But I don’t think that I had any interest in magic, or healing arts. I would have never had the chance, just like many of the other girls I was born a slave. It’s strange, but one thing I do remember very clearly was when we were first sealed into the castle, that man pulled me aside and gave me the strange stone that I kept in my room. He told me that I had the most potential for magic, and that if I worked on it I could do some powerful things. I didn’t really know what he was talking about, but he gave me some simple instructions on how to learn for myself, and the stone that he gave me was supposed to help my spells be more effective. Now the girls all rely on me to keep everyone healthy. I have tried to teach some of the others but the only one that’s been able to catch on was Sakura and she gets distracted by so many things that it would be hard for her to take my place. But I do enjoy doing this, so if I have to keep being the main healer then its ok with me. I just worry a lot that if something happens to me, the other girls will be in trouble. I spent most of my days practicing my magic, healing isn’t the only thing that this fancy stone could help me do. But because all magic is related, by practicing on other things like capturing sounds in the stone or starting fires without flint I could improve my healing as well. Magic can be an exhausting thing so I had to rest a lot, most of the time I would go to the common room or take care of Crystal. Even when she wasn’t injured she could still be a fragile little thing.

I was always the most useless person in the castle, I got hurt or sick a lot but it wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t easy to watch Emerald being force to look after me. I know she never complained but I felt guilty that she could be doing other, more interesting things in the time she was looking after me. I couldn’t really help out in the castle, I often tried but always ended up getting hurt and being forced to stop. So I spent most of my days in emeralds spare bed. Getting hurt unfortunately wasn’t my only concern, I was clumsy but I also got sick a lot. My energy would disappear and I would often faint. There were times when I would wake up and couldn’t even move. It has been like that since as far back as I can remember. I hated that I made everyone else worry about me, I wanted to get better and even tried to have Emerald teach me how to do her magic. But I was never healthy enough to stay focused like you need to be.

If you are expecting some great confession then you won’t get it. I am only half of one person, my twin sister is what completes me. It was not always easy, the two of us were the only ones like us in the castle. We had features the others didn’t like our tails and oversized ears. We also had more hidden ability’s that we practiced with each other. We could speak into each other’s minds, later we learned that we could ever read other girls thoughts as well. In the castle I helped when I could, or when it was needed the most but most of my energy went towards protecting my sister. Sakuras cheerful attitude and bright smile was important to the castle, more then most of the others might have realized. So I did everything to protect her. If you asked me if I hated anyone? Hate is a strong word that I wouldn’t really use. But there were a couple of the others I didn’t truth, Marigold was violent and I had to watch that she didn’t physically attack Sakura. Ruby was friendly, and mostly harmless but sometimes she got strange ideas and more then once pulled Sakura into them, breaking the rules. Then there was Diamond herself, I can respect her commitment to maintain order in the castle but she took things too far.

Well I was the youngest in the castle. Really I was the same age as my twin sister, we don’t really know which one of us was born first but she always acted so much more, mature or stiff at times. I didn’t really have a role in the castle like Emerald or Holly. I did whatever peeked my interest at the time, but the one thing that I wanted to accomplish every day was help bring a smile to people’s faces because the castle could be a cold and lonely place. I guess that means I spent a lot of my time walking around, visiting with the other girls. But I always tried to help, in my own limited ways. I was always smaller, less able to do the stuff the big girls could. Holly never let me cook but I could help her with the animals or when the festival wasn’t close sapphire let me help her clean.

What are you hoping for? I don’t have fond memories of the castle. It was a prison and I hated every moment of it. I still remember my parents, killed by the man that locked us away for what? Being girls. I don’t even know what we did to deserve such a terrible punishment. I spent my days in the castle wishing for an escape, even if it was by death. All I ever wanted was to be left alone, so I licked myself in my room and tried to hold onto the memories of my life before the name Lily was forced on me. I always hated the name, and could never understand the others. They accepted the prison, I could never do that.

Yes I was angry, so what? You would be pissed off too if you had been locked away like that. I guess in some way it beat the alternative of being a slave all my life. But I hated the castle, and I hated the other girls. Sapphire especially made me mad, always trying to keep our cage clean. We should have been spending our time trying to escape, but Ruby was the only one that came close to that and she was an idiot. She never once put her exploration to trying to leave the castle. Just find more ways to get from cell a to cell b. I refused to help out, after all why should I be my own jailmaster?

I was always so alone in the castle. I wanted to be with the group, but even though they would never admit it. I was still an outcast because I could never speak. Emerald tried many times to fix me, using her magic but nothing ever worked and it was hard to wake up every morning knowing that when I wanted something, the others might not be able to figure out what. It wasn’t all bad though, they treated me well enough and tried their hardest not to let frustrations show from not understanding me. I guess one of the hardest things was to fight off boredom. Because I was mute that took away the chances of conversation, and not being able to yell out in an emergency there wasn’t many chores that I was trusted with. I always tried my best though, and often was able to help Sapphire with her cleaning. But if I tried to help her too much then she would get mad. I really spent most of my days trying to make a place for myself, because all I ever really wanted was to belong.

I was always really busy. When I became old enough to take some of the pressure off of Diamond I took over on cooking and tending to the animals. Early on we realized that no one was going to be coming for us, we were on our own now. After the first festival of renewal, before it became an actual festival we also learned that clothing was not part of what would be provided. But cloth was. So if we didn’t want to spend our days naked, we had to learn to make our own clothing. I took on that responsibility too, and practiced a lot to make our cloths. There isn’t really much else to say about the days. I woke up, tended to the animals and cooked. I had free time near the end of the day when Violet would tell her stories but I also went to bed earlier then everyone else so I could get up first and prepare breakfast.

I didn’t dislike the castle, but the truth is that I didn’t spend a lot of time in it. At least not in my mind. I was gifted with the ability to escape, and plan out all kinds of adventures. That’s what started the evening entertainment. I started telling some of my stories, little ideas and what at first I considered games. The others seemed to like them but it got tiresome to re-tell them over and over again, so I started pulling people together at the same time every night. Just after supper so I could tell everyone at once. But stories weren’t the only thing that I found fun to do. When I stumbled on the music room I just had to learn to play several of the instruments. I spent a lot of time practicing on them until I was decent enough to play in the evening entertainment. The truth is that I felt guilty about not doing very much, but coming up with different stories was a lot of work in itself and I wasn’t really cut out for cleaning or cooking. I always wondered if the other girls resented me for that or not. So I spent most of my days getting lost in my own little creations instead, and in turn the other girls enjoyed my efforts.

The little mouse, the one that jumps.

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